Environmental Protection

DEC protects the land, water, and air resources in New York. Whether it is addressing climate change effects, promoting responsible waste management, monitoring air quality, overseeing contaminated site clean-ups, or oil and gas mining monitoring, DEC is there to safeguard the environment; you can too by reporting environmental violations and problems.

Report a Problem

If you see something happening in the environment, whether you believe that it is a violation of environmental law or a natural occurrence, we appreciate it when you let us know. 


The Division of Water provides various programs that track the quality of the waters, identify and investigate sources of pollution, control these sources and develop strategies to address water quality threats. 


To protect human health and the environment from harm, DEC measures the overall air quality and levels of outdoor air pollution.

Public Safety

DEC's Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers play key roles in assisting citizens during certain types of health and safety emergencies.

Learn About Climate Change

Sea level rise, heatwaves, floods, and more frequent storms are just a few climate change impacts that New York is experiencing. Learn more about studying climate change in New York State.

Recycling and Composting

Reduction, reuse, recycling and composting our waste will benefit all of us, our communities and our environment. Besides, it is the law!

Environmental Cleanup

DEC's mission to promote and regulate environmental cleanup and safe brownfield redevelopment is accomplished through programs of the Division of Environmental Remediation.

Waste Management

DEC regulates waste streams produced by residents, businesses, and other organizations. Reuse and recycle to reduce waste and save you money.