Get Involved

Clean air to breathe. Clean water to drink. Lakes and streams, parks and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy. A cleaner and greener New York is everyone's job. 

So, how does the public get involved and make a difference? Learn more about the different areas below to see how you can help create a cleaner and greener New York.

Attend a DEC Sponsored Event

DEC sponsors events across New York including informational webinars, public meetings, and in-person environmental education sessions. 


DEC has environmental education programs and resources that will help everyone become a better steward of the environment.

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice is the fair and meaningful treatment of all people, regardless of race, income, national origin or color, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.


Competitive grants for environmental protection and improvement are available for municipalities, community organizations, not-for-profit organizations and others.

Living the Green Life

Learn how to be a friend to the environment with DEC's Living the Green Life tips!

Administrative Forms

The public can find important administrative forms on a variety of topics.

Public Participation

The DEC holds many public meetings and hearings throughout the year that allow for public input on various environmental topics.

Environmental Excellence Awards

The Environmental Excellence Awards awards program recognizes those who are implementing innovative, sustainable actions or working in creative partnerships to improve and protect New York State's environment and contribute to a healthier economy.